Happy (?) Valentines Day

Valentines Day conjures up many mixed feelings in folks who are single.  For some, it reminds of a past love.  For others, a sense of longing or loneliness can come into play…but for those with a glass-half-full mentality these feelings can give way to anticipation of potential future love.  One of the great things about being single, after all, is that at any moment every day the possibility exists that love may be just around the corner.
Take it from the author of this post, who at age 53, is getting married for the first time. After decades of searching and “playing the field” love grabbed me and held tight.  It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t expected…and it was almost lost due to a bit of carelessness. But once I realized that an open heart and and open mind can open up new possibilities, well, I became the luckiest man on the face of the earth.  It  made me realize that the old adage “it could happen to you” is a promising, if not, realistic venture for anyone willing to actually let it Happen. To. You.
But  I digress.  If you’re attached, the pressure to express your love on this day tends to undermine what you should be doing every today, not just because of a retail holiday. Love is not a holiday; rather it is something to enjoy every day.  Sure, it is work, commitment, respect and patience but just like cooking a meal, if done right, its delicious.
Cooking a meal?  Yes – think about it.  You can buy a frozen Hot Pocket, heat it up and eat it.  Delicious but barely appreciated or remembered once its ingested. Quick fix of your hunger, no care in the preparation and thoughtless eating.  Now, prepare an elaborate meal by reading a recipe and cutting up ingredients and basting or marinating then carefully watching over the meal while it bakes perfectly…and then present it at a nice table with good wine and you know what you have?  Love!  You have created something with meaning – something to be appreciated. Something to be proud of and something that will be remembered.
But what if you’re not attached on Valentines Day?  Feelings of loneliness can be painfully manifested with all of the “in your face” love that’s portrayed on television.   Damn this holiday.  Why does it make everyone think so much about something that so many people don’t have?  There are two very good reasons not to let Valentines Day get you down if you’re not in love. The first reason is Hallmark.  And florists and diamond stores, and all the chocolatiers who have something to sell.  In 2014 alone over $100 million was spent on jewelry and flowers during Valentines Day…and over $1 billion on candy alone. Valentines Day is nothing more than the retail side of Christmas gift-giving with hearts.
The second reason not to let Valentines Day get you down is because you are reading it all wrong.  You ARE in love!  You may not have a spouse or a boy/girlfriend but you have friends and parents and siblings and co-workers to whom your every day existence gives you purpose.  You have the ability to change the world for a sick child or an elderly citizen who needs a visit…or a dog who needs adopted.
In other words, don’t despair over not having love because you have love, you give love and you are loved.  Don’t ever forget that.
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You Can’t Score, If You Don’t Shoot

A good beginning means even better things to come.  You don’t know how you’ll finish unless you start and sometimes that means taking a chance.

One of our favorite sayings is “If you don’t take a chance, you won’t have a chance”. Thankfully for the person below, he took a chance. He took a shot.  He scored.   You can too – join Dinner for 8 today!

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He shoots and scores

I just wanted to take a minute and write you about the great results I had with Dinner for 8.  I was hesitant to go on the night of the dinner but Nan Cohen assured me I would have a great time. She was right!! Not only did I enjoy the people I talked with and the wonderful dinner but the best part is I met someone that I am currently dating! Yes, It actually works! I’m so glad I took Nan’s advice and came to Dinner for 8. Thank you !!

David L.
Washington, PA

What’s Happening at Dinner for 8?

People are asking a lot of questions about Dinner for 8. We’ve created a buzz of curiosity and anticipation with our innovative model and if you are single in Pittsburgh, there is something to be excited about.

Between our radio shows, appearance on Pittsburgh Today Live, television commercial, articles in the Tribune Review and Shady Ave Magazine and our Premier Dinner Party Event on October 4th that sold out, we have been busy introducing the city of Pittsburgh to this great forum.

beautifully set table at a fish restaurant
beautifully set table at a fish restaurant

Today we are busy with a continuation of our marketing blitz and membership recruitment phases of our business-building plan.  In the next few weeks our dinner groups will start heading out to some of the best restaurants in the city for meeting, greeting, dining and who knows what else.  The sky’s the limit at Dinner for 8 and we’re just getting started.

Take a self-guided tour of Dinner for 8 on our website. Or, feel free to drop us a line and speak with one of the Dinner for 8 staff.

We are are here for you!

Dinner for 8 Premier VIP Event

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